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Spectra Fly Cam and AH Media Design is a Family run business that prides ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and safety. Our Owner and pilot Andreas has been a photographer and has worked in the graphic art field for over 20 years. He has been flying remote controlled air crafts for more than a decade. He has the perfect combination to produce high quality aerial footage with the knowledge and certification to execute the job safely.

About us

about us

At AH Media Design you not only will receive the raw aerial footage/ photos, you also have the option to have our team create professional videos with voiceover and set to music. You can have Aerial photos taken and put into a slide show. Here at AH Media Design you are at a one stop shop where you will find all of your video (aerial and ground), photography, and graphical work needs met to the highest of standards and quality.


We take pride in the quality and safety of our work, using the latest technologies available in order to give our customers the best possible products.


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Our Skills

2D/3D-Animation Multi-Media Design


Creative MultiMedia and Aerial Services

Modern Design

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Business Development

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Meet The Team

Our Team is my family, very reliable and going the extra mile all the time.

team member

Andreas Heger


Senior Multimedia Artist, Photo/Videographer, FAA & Homeland Certified Remote Pilot.

team member

Jodi Heger

Lead Assistant and Accountant

My smart, beautiful and better half.

team member

Jessica, Cameron and Brittney

Creative Assistants

and our smart and beautiful daughters.


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After The Storm

Amelia, Ohio

Good Morning America

Please Click for 360 Panorama

Construction Site

Blue Ash, Ohio

U.S. Air Force Museum

Dayton, Ohio

Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati

Milford, Ohio

Property Aerial

18 Saint Andrews, North Bend, Ohio

UAS Remote Pilot Licence

FAA and Homeland Security Certified

AMA Leader Member

and Instructor

Ohio River

Augusta, Kentucky

Over The Rhine

Cincinnati, Ohio

US National Regatta

Eastfork Lake, Batavia, Ohio

AH Media Design and SpectraFlyCam

a powerful combintation at your services

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Andreas Heger

3578 Brookhaven Drive
Amelia, OH 45102